Colonoscopy Scotland, based in Ross Hall Glasgow

At Colonoscopy Scotland, Glasgow’s premier private colonoscopy centre, we have a dedicated, experience medial and nursing team who are committed to delivering the finest care to all our patients undergoing investigation of bowel problems including both conscious sedation & deep sleep colonoscopy. The choice is yours.

We Offer A Complete Assessment of Bowel Issues

We are experienced in the latest techniques to bowel issues such as positive bowel screening tests, positive QFIT test that look for traces of blood in the stool as well as problems with abdominal pain, rectal bleeding etc. We have expertise in performing colonoscopy as well as other investigations such as CT scans and Ct colonoscopy (CT virtual colonoscopy) when appropriate.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Our clinic at Ross Hall Braehead clinic and dedicated Endoscopy suite at RossHall hospital, are easily accessible on the south side of Glasgow. Ross Hall is Scotland’s premier state-of-the-art private health care facility, offering a safe, comfortable yet high tech environment to perform colonoscopy procedures.

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State-of-the-Art Equipment and Facilities

You can rest assured that you are in safe hands and you will undergo speedy colonoscopy in a friendly, safe, comfortable and high tech environment.


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Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about us

Colonoscopy Scotland is Glasgow’s Premier Private Colonoscopy clinic where you can undergo a complete assessment of any bowel issues. We perform an initial consultation and then arrange appropriate investigations including colonoscopy and /or CT scan or MRI scans.

Most patients can undergo Day Case Colonoscopy

  • Choice of conscious sedation or deep sleep colonoscopy
  • Competitive fixed price packages
  • Dedicated Endoscopy suite with state-of-the-art colonoscopes, highly experienced nursing and consultant team and Scope Guide imaging to facilitate complete examination of the colon

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Do you require a colonoscopy?

Have you had a positive bowel screening test?

Have you experienced a change in bowel habit or noticed rectal bleeding

Have you had a positive QFIT test performed by your GP?

More than 1000

Patients treated

60 Hospital Beds

Dedicated Endoscopy Suite

20 Years

of experience

No better place to undergo a colonoscopy

Colonoscopy Scotland

Established in 2004 and based at Ross Hall hospital, Glasgow, the Consultants at Colonoscopy Scotland provide cutting edge specialist care for investigation of all types of bowel problems. We have extensive experience in managing the simplest diagnostic colonoscopy to performing banding of haemorrhoids and complex polypectomies.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Are you concerned that you might need a colonoscopy? What is involved with the procedure? What about the type of sedation? Are there any alternatives to colonoscopy? See our section on Frequently Asked Questions for answers to these and many more questions.

Prices and Payment

We are accredited to manage Insured patients  with all the major insurers. We also offer very attractive all-inclusive fixed price packages for those who do not have medical insurance.

Prices start at £2,750 for a colonoscopy under sedation (All inclusive package includes hospital, consultant fee and followup consultation fees).

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